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If you believe you can or you can’t you’re right.


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Marcia is a thought leader in the financial literacy industry and is an advocate of personal development. She specializes in helping millennial corporate professionals master their money so they develop a roadmap that leads to wealth creation and financial independence.

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Her mission is to educate, equip, and empower millennial corporate professionals with financial solutions they need to confidently transform their finances.

Her mandate is to redefine wealth so that it empowers and equips change agents to create a life by design that positively impacts their household, community, society, and the world.



Having grown up in a household where money was deemed inaccessible and a scarce commodity, she was able to unlock key wealth principles that enabled her to take control of her finances and design a life that allowed her to live financially confident and empowered.

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She is a certified coach who holds the designation of Master of Business Administration from the University of South Wales as well as undergraduate degrees from The University of the West Indies and Barbados Community College.

Marcia has been a featured guest on international podcasts. Her story has been published in top local media firms such as The Nation Barbados, Barbados Today, and the Barbados Advocate as well as international publications such as ShoutOut Atlanta. She has made multiple appearances on the TV Program, Mornin’ Barbados.

Brainz Global LogoShe is an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine and was listed among their top 500 Influential Leaders & Entrepreneurs across the globe for 2021.

In 2022, she was awarded the Central America Financial Coach of the Year by Prestige Awards.

She wants to empower a nation, inspire people to take action; and desires every person embodies the call upon their life.

Because when you give a woman one dollar, she will uplift her family and community and truly make a difference in society.

She invites you to join her in a movement that will become the benchmark for generations to come.

Her mantra is, no one can believe in you more than do you!

When you give a woman one dollar, she will uplift her family and community and truly make a difference in the society.

Marcia Armstrong

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