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Marcia Armstrong

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It’s a personal finance course built to give you the financial freedom that you deserve.

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Learn how to spend guilt-free on things that really matter to you

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Learn how to truly change the way you view and interact with your money so that you can build long-lasting financial habits

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Create sabotage-proof money goals with a system that helps you 'actually' achieve them

Hi I`m Marcia!

I’m a former banker and Money Coach.

I teach millennial corporate professional women how to create and build wealth using their #1 income tool, their salary.  Not that long ago I was overwhelmed and lost about my financial future.  I worked for a good salary but still lived paycheck to paycheck.  The relationship I had with money was one of distance and not intimacy.  

Having grown up in a household where money was deemed inaccessible and a scarce commodity, I believed that wealth was out of my grasp and was only for a select few. Thankfully, one prayer about giving led me to start educating myself about financial literacy.

In 2020, I was unexpectedly laid off but the separation was not compounded by fear but instead with peace. Two years prior, I got intentional with my money, therefore, I left that job debt free, with a fully funded emergency fund, and went full-time into my business, A Purpose Life.  I now teach other millennial corporate professional women how to empower their money. I’ve helped many people learn the first steps to creating wealth so they build a life they don’t need a vacation from.

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